PAKDD 2009 Data Mining Competition
Evaluation and Awards

The prediction submission consists of a score data set and a 3 to 4 pages manuscript describing how the solution was developed. Only full submissions (i.e. complete scores + manuscript) received by 20 March 2009 (11:59PM +7GMT, Bangkok Standard Time) via the "Submissions" page will be considered. Only one submission per team is allowed.

Entries will be ranked in terms of the Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve (ROC_AUC) that will be computed by NeuroTech based on the prediction set scores submitted. A useful discussion about this metric can be found at A Java script for calculating the AUC can be obtained from the "Downloads" section (in the participants login area).

The manuscript should be in the scientific paper format of the conference detailing the stages of the KDD process, focusing on the aspects which make the solution innovative. The manuscript should be the basis for writing up a full paper for a journal edition (to be announced) of the top solutions and selected manuscripts with innovative approaches. The quality of the manuscripts will not be used for the competition assessment, unless in the case of ties.

Champion, First Runner-Up, and Second Runner-Up will be awarded to the teams with highest, second highest, and third highest AUC, limited to the third decimal digit. The maximum Kolmogorov-Smirnov distance (Max KS) will be used as tie-break. Further ties, will be decided by the scientific committee. Alternatively, the committee might consider reducing the overall number of awards if they choose to accept ties for some awards.

Winning teams will be notified via email and will be awarded a commemorative plaque for the team (proudly sponsored by NeuroTech Ltd., Brazil) and a certificate for each team member during the PAKDD Conference in April 2009.

Submitted manuscripts, and announcement of final winners will be available on this website by 3 April 2009. Decisions by the scientific committee are final.

Selected participants will be invited to prepare extended papers to be published in a Journal yet to be announced.

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