PAKDD 2009 Data Mining Competition
Registration and Rules

Each team member must agree with the conditions established for data download and use and with the competition procedures. These rules are listed below:

Data usage

    1 - The data can only be used either for participating in this competition or for academic research. In both cases, the data source has to be explicitly cited.

    2 - The data cannot be supplied to anyone. The data can be directly downloaded from this site free of charge upon registering.


    1 - Each team can submit only one solution. In the case of multiple submissions from a single team, only the last submission will be considered for the competition evaluation.

    2 - Each team member can participate in only one team

    3 - Staff and students from the Center for Informatics of the Federal University of Pernambuco and NeuroTech Ltd. are not allowed as team members

    4 - Any decision of the Scientific Committee is final

Please fill in the electronic form below and you will receive your login and password for downloading all the files needed for the competition.

Competition is closed. Now new registrations are allowed only for benchmarking purposes.

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